Minions Cake Pops

I've been getting ready to do a kid's cooking class again next week, so I've been in full-tilt baking mode.  Check out my take on the Minion Cake Pop.  They're not that hard to make.   

To make about a dozen pops: 
Start with a basic vanilla cake (1 box of cake mix, or a recipe that will make an 11x13 cake).  Crumble it and add around 5 tablespoons of vanilla frosting (depending on how moist your cake is).  Form the resulting "mush" into egg-shaped balls.  I like to put mine in the freezer for about an hour to let them firm up.

While this is happening, melt:
1 package yellow candy melts
1/3 package blue candy melts
1/4 package chocolate chips.

Roll out:
6 small Tootsie Rolls (square up edges and cut each into two straps)
1 small block blue fondant (cut into 6"x1 1/4" strips)

For each pop you will also need:
1 stick
4 pieces from a candy necklace (2 white, 2 another color)
2-8 chocolate sprinkles
Black food-color marker

Dip the stick into the yellow candy, then push it into the cake pop, being careful it doesn't come out the other top.  Allow it to set for a minute or two, then dip the pop, tilting to cover all the cake.  Before it dries, add the 2 white round candies for goggles and wrap a strip of tootsie roll around it to for the strap (some of the characters can have one eye).  Place the sprinkles lengthwise atop the cake pop to make hair.  Wrap the strip of blue fondant around the bottom of the pop, pressing it well into the still-wet candy coating to make it stick.  Use a toothpick dipped into the melted chocolate chips to add eyes to the center of the candy goggles.  Use a toothpick dipped into the blue candy melts to adhere the other two round candies near the bottom of the cake pop to make feet.  Ust the food-color marker to draw on a mouth and a circle with a "G" in it.