Who's Hasn't Got a Yarn Stash?

I’ve been cleaning out my yarn stash.  I found myself with a lot of half-skeins and small balls of leftover yarn from a decade worth of projects.  I’ve decided to transform a lot of these into a series of one-of-a-kind art purses and “scrapbook” hats.  I’ve been having fun working on these hats and bags, because they bring up memories of projects long past, which is especially nice when it was something I had made as a gift, because I got to think about that person again.
I added a different embellishment to each bag, and lined them all.

You can see more of the finished hats and bags on my Etsy store. I’ll be posting them throughout the week.  Hopefully, by the end of next month, I won't have much of a yarn stash left at all!

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