Early Birds

Robins are supposed to be the first sign of spring.  So what are these guys doing in Texas in February?

It has been an unusually mild winter, and it seems like the animals (and the plants sprouting in my garden) seem to have gotten a bit confused.  I took these pictures yesterday, when it was just cold outside, but now it is sleeting, and I feel sorry for these little early birds.


Silent Poet said...

Great pictures!

Ron Casteel said...

I didn't know robins were one of the first signs of spring buy the ground hog saw his shadow so that I thought we were in for 6 more weeks of winter so who is right here the robins or the ground hog

Sergio's Landscaping said...

The weather and the seasons these days are indeed very confusing. Being in the lawn maintenance Phoenix industry, we look forward to Spring too to see the lovely plants starting to bloom. As for these robins, well, the early bird gets the worm!