Dallas Spring Break Fest

Over spring break, everything kept bringing me back to my cooking around the world class.  On Friday, we went to Dallas to catch a free concert at the Nasher.  We didn't realize it until we got there, but they were also having an open house at the Crow, where they were giving away free samples of bubble tea and sake, both popular drinks in Japan (which was the country covered last week for the class).  I love the texture of the tapioca pearl "bubbles," and for once, the tea wasn't super-sweet. 

They also had a lineup of gourmet food trucks.  We got Korean tacos from Ssahm BBQ, and they were delicious, covered with everything from fresh cilantro to caramelized kimchee.  Beautiful fusion food.

It was perfect that we chose Ssahm, becuase Korean tacos are an invention of the food truck age.  The story goes that Mark Manguera of Kogi Korean BBQ in California invented the idea when he couldn't find carne asada tacos close to home.  He used twitter to popularize his food truck's schedule, and thus the Korean Taco also gained popularity.  Other food truck companies ran with the idea.  The next time I find the Ssahm truck, I plan to try the kimchee fries, which stay true to the Korean-Mex fusion with a thick layer of cheddar and monterey jack cheeses.

I found their schedule (and thier twitter feed) on their web site:

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