Chocolate Conference Roundup

On Saturday, we went to the annual Chocolate Conference in Addison.  If you've never been, I highly recommend it, for the tasting room alone.  Dallas has so many talented chocolatiers, and this year they had four -- count 'em -- four artisinal chocolate makers from around the country.  One of them is even local to Texas (Tejas Chocolate, which is made in Spring, Texas).

In addition to being delicious, many of the chocolates presented were edible works of art.  Check out these gorgeous masala truffles from Annie Rupani's new venture, Cacao and Cardamom.  She hand paints the molds using dyed cocoa butter.

And look at this high heeled shoe from Chocolate Secrets.  I love the detailing.

One of my favorite tasting offerings was from Taza chocolate.  They do stone-ground organic chocolate (processed the way drinking chocolate is made in tropical countries), but the rep told most people eat it.  The discs come with a number of added flavor choices, including two with different kinds of peppers.

So much to see . . . so much to taste.  It was a great event!

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