Do You Know How to Crochet?

So . . . do you?  If not, and you are local to the Arlington, Texas area, you might want to check out Jake's class out at UTA on Saturday mornings from April 14 to April 28.  I know what you're thinking . . . a guy teaching crochet?  You might be surprised to know that Jake makes some of the crochet items featured in the Dandylyon's Garden Etsy store.  He picked up the knack in part from his grandmother, and in part helping me out one time when we were on deadline.

Here's a picture of a scarf he made.  The piece was comissioned by a co-worker, and he designed the pattern after looking at an existing scarf.


Jake says that participants in his basic class will leave with the skills to make a rectangular object that can be any size from a pot holder to a throw.  Sign up by phone at (817) 272-2581 or on the UTA continuing education web site at http://www.uta.edu/ced/.

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Kasee said...

I'm impressed. All I can crochet is loooonnnggg chains. But my husband can knit! He learned while in private school - his teacher had the kids knit while she read books to them.