Upcycled Retro Apron

People know I sew, so they are often giving me cloth.  Sometimes, the stuff is just hopeless.  But sometimes, there's a piece or two that is just super cute.

This piece of cloth began life as a vintage flat sheet.  My challenge with this project:  somebody took pieces out of it for another project somewhere along the way, including a big chunk out of the middle.  I was using a store-bought pattern (sometimes I make my own patterns, but I wanted a vintagey look for this vintage cloth), and the apron body didn't look like it was going to fit on one of the ends past the chunk.  But when I took the seam out, I realized that this sheet had been hiding a good four inches of fabric, which was just enough.

Most of the the things I sew wind up either on my Etsy shop, or in a gift bag on its way to a friend, but this one I sized just for me.

I still have a bit of the cloth left, which I plan to make into tea towels, which probably WILL wind up in my Etsy store, since the hubby doesn't look excited at the prospect of a pink flowers print in the linens drawer.

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